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Khaata Online Software standard edition is a simple accounting software known today as the one of the best small business accounting softwares.

Khaata Online Business Accounting Software has made financial accounting, invoicing/billing and the entire business management an easy and intuitive process.


GST Invoicing

Easy for online invoicing, anytime! anywhere!.

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Profitability Reports

Access to all kind of reporting.

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It is said that only those companies, who own a stable and trouble-free product, can provide prompt and efficient after-sales support to their clients. Believing in the same philosophy, we have always striven to build a product that is user-friendly, stable and robust thereby minimising the necessity of after-sales support.

General Accounting
General Accounting

Let us manage and oversee all of the financial transactions undertaken by your company.

Inventory Management
Inventory Management

Keep on top of your inventory and always be in control by letting us advise and manage.

GST Filling
GST Filling

Exportable file which will be so easy for your CA to file your return in 80% faster then…


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Financial Strength is the cornerstone of our success, We value your time.

Business financial strength is of vital concern to business owners, corporate managers, investors and lenders. Efficiency and cost control are keys to success in many companies throughout the India. There are many ways to measure the financial strength of a company. The key is identifying the right measurement tools for the company, taking into consideration: the industry, stage of life cycle, time horizon, business objectives, and economic conditions. It is also important to understand your company's financial performance relative to its industry as all companies compete in the marketplace on a local, regional, national or international level. In general, the financial strength of a company can be measured in three key areas: profitability, liquidity and solvency.

  • Profitability measures a company's ability to generate profit
  • Liquidity measures a company's ability to utilize its resources
  • Solvency measures a company's ability to meet its interest and principal payments
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Our sole focus is on making our clients’ businesses run as successfully as possible. We’re a dedicated, highly skilled group of professionals who have been involved in the Accounting business for many years.

Arun Aggrawal

Arun Aggrawal

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Sandeep Salonia

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